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Plymouth                  (508) 747-2175

122 Water Street, Plymouth, MA

Duxbury / Kingston  (781) 585-7518

8 Bay Path, Kingston, MA

Hanover                    (781) 826-4602

333 Columbia Ave, Hanover, MA

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Our address: 8 Bay Path, Kingston, MA 02364

Serving Massachusetts only. If you live outside our area we recommend that you call a local outfit that specializes in your specific problem. With a couple of phone calls you'll be able to find a good local company that offers the same personal service as we do for our customers here in Massachusetts.

Make sure they come out to look at the problem, do NOT do phone quotes. Meet the person doing the work and see if they know what they are talking about. Talk to exterminators, not salespeople.

We do not recommend large national companies due to the lack of service and high pressure sales that we hear so many of their former customers complain about. By supporting local businesses you help your local economy and assure better quality of service for yourself!



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