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Termite Swarmers / Termite Reproductives

Here is pictures of termite swarmers. This is a termite swarm in progress. These termites are swarming out of rail road ties. People think that rail road ties are safe from rot and termites, not true.

Click on the pictures below to see the large.

In nature when termites swarm they will come right out of the ground.

Termites will often swarm out of the wood they are infesting.

The termite swarmers will walk to a somewhat high spot or the edge and just take off.

You see these termites have wings. These swarmer termites will lose their wings shortly after they land somewhere.

Termite swarmers come through cracks in concrete.

Close up of Termite swarmers, AKA Alates.


Termites swarm out in large numbers to make new colonies. These swarms may happen inside your house. If a termite swarm happens inside your house then you probably have a problem with termites. Although these swarmer termites are not the ones that do the damage, these are the termites you will most likely see if you do see them.


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