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Termite Treatment

Aacute Pest Control uses the very best system available for termite treatment. 

We use something called Integrated Synergy. This is the very latest in Termite treatment systems available. This is an incorporation of systems that result in superior results that enable us to give you a *"Forever Guarantee Against Termites"


Step 1


We will perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine if there is any termite activity, or if there are areas conducive to termites. The results of the inspection will give us all a clear picture of what we need to do for your structure to completely eliminate those Termites and leave your structure totally protected. Every situation is different and a thorough inspection by an expert is needed.


Step 2


Our first priority is to stop the termites that are damaging your home. The process of stopping the termites depends on the size and location of the activity. We will utilize all of our termite resources to prevent these destructive termites from causing more damage. These resources include our Termite Bait System,  two different Termiticides, foams, gels, IPM and your structure may need some physical modification or repair. All of these things are the elements of our Integrated Synergy System. Our termite technicians have extensive training and experience and know what techniques and products work best in any given situation.


Step 3

Once the termites that are damaging your home are stopped, we will focus on the thousands left foraging around your property. Installation of our Termite Bait System will allow us to determine the locations of termite activity. This bait system uses real wood, which termites prefer over the synthetic, cheap substitutes used by the leading baiting programs. If termites feed on this wood, we know there is a colony in the area that needs to be eliminated.


Step 4


We will return to your home on a regular basis to check each of the bait stations. If there is termite activity found, your technician will place bait in the station. Once baited, the station can kill up to 400,000 termites, which is eight times the amount killed by other big-named baiting programs. It is family-friendly, effective and environmentally sound. You will receive a written update about the activity in the bait station at the end of every check-up.


Step 5


This Integrated Synergy System includes a termite damage warranty*, which covers the repair costs of any new termite damage that occurs 90 days or more after the initial treatment. We will perform a complete inspection for termites each year. Continued protection and damage warranty is accomplished by regular monitoring. This protection program is a key component to protecting your home, as studies have shown new colonies of termites can move into an area where termites were previously eliminated. It can be a matter of months or a matter of years–no one knows for sure.


You will see why so many people in the South Eastern Massachusetts area hire us to get rid of Termites.

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*details will be included in our proposal.

Our mission is to give our customers their very best quality of Termite services for their money for getting rid of Termites.


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