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Characteristics of Bumblebees


Pictures to help you ID Bumblebees with a Nest.

  • Bumblebees pollinate flowers like other Bees.

  • Bumblebee nests are made of wax "bubbles" that are stuck together into a mass. The young Bees grow up as larvae inside the bubble eating the material from the flowers (that the adults put there) and mutate from the larvae stage to adult and eat their way out of the bubble. Link to picture set is below.

  • Their nests are always hidden, never exposed to the outside.

  • As more adult Bumblebees are available to work, the nest grows quickly.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Bumblebees do sting. Don't get too close to the nest.

  • When a Bumblebee stings, it's normal buzz changes to a high pitch which acts as a call to the other Bumblebees to "help sting the intruder". Then you get swarmed.

  • Homeowner spraying of a Bumblebee's nest that is inside the house almost always results in the "driving them into the house trap" - please see Common Fallacies question # 4 for a full explanation. 

  • If possible we take Bumblebee Nests away in a plastic bag and relocate them because they are great pollinators.

See a Bumblebee Nest.

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