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Paper Nest Wasps

White-Faced Wasps

Yellow Jackets

European Hornets


Carpenter Bees





They build nests of paper? 

But where do they get the paper from??

See pictures, and read about paper nest building types.


These can eat through your walls & ceilings!

If you have a nest don't ignore it, see why.

Check it out.



Nest Removal Pictures

Pictures taken during a job in progress.

See us:

Remove a European Hornet's nest from a dead tree.

 - Have you ever heard of those huge hornets? 


Remove a White-faced Wasp's nest from the side of a house.

 - Surely you've seen the gray paper nests in bushes or trees and on houses.


Remove a Yellow Jacket Nest from an attic.

- But don't try this at home!!!


Remove & Dissect a Bumblebee nest.

- Bet you have never seen one of these!


Various Other Sting Insects.

- Look-alikes and others you are less familiar with, or you may compare you specimen with these others.


Really Large Nests.

 - Some very large Wasp Nests we've seen over the years. Check these out!


  -  Are you thinking of doing it yourself? Think again. Discover the trap that may be waiting for you on the Stinging Insect Traps Page.  

Watch Out!

In the North East part of the USA aggression varies with the season. As it gets warmer outside they become more active, more active & more aggressive. They are predators. They are naturally aggressive. They are aggravated by fast or erratic movements or noises near them. If you aggravate them they do demonstrate little tolerance and they appear to be totally fearless. Once an attack near the nest begins they tend to act as a coordinated group with a swarming attack. Typically a few stings only hurts, but a swarming attack is dangerous. 



Also see:

Stinging Insect Common Fallacies.

-Some things people have told you that just aren't true!


*Do not attempt to do any of the procedures you'll see us do here, your life could depend on it. We are professionals and understand the risks, know the correct procedures and have the proper equipment.

Some people think that simply spraying a Nest could be easy and harmless. For some situations it might be that simple, but never without some risk. For some situations it's a trap - see the Trap page.






For the average person 40-90 stings will be lethal without medical attention. Nests of some of these stinging insects can have thousands and even tens of thousands of individuals inside. For an allergic person one sting can be lethal even with medical attention. If you have been stung and are not sure of your allergy status please call your doctor. 


Even we get stung on occasion. With years of experience and literally thousands of nests removed we can still call it a little wrong or get complacent, misjudge the risk or get a surprise sting without warning. Without experience how can you be sure you won't get swarmed? The danger is real.


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