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Trap Situations that could catch YOU!

The Ruined Siding Trap.

The Ladder Trap.

The Limited Space Trap.

Question to ponder...

The Ruined Siding Trap.

Some people don't see any harm in spraying a nest in a hole in their house. They should know that some Wasp & Hornet sprays have corrosive carriers in them that will permanently discolor, or melt siding. Aacute Pest Control does not use anything corrosive or any material that would do any damage to your house.

There is also another regrettable situation that could develop from spraying a nest like this. Please read question # 4 in the Common Fallacies Page. Click Here to Read it.


The Ladder Trap.

If you climb a ladder to spray a nest and things don't go quite as you planned, you could be faced with a tough decision: jump, or get swarmed. 

This is a dangerous dilemma that should be avoided at all costs.

The Limited Space Trap.

If you had a nest in an attic or eave space that you wanted to get rid of, would you just go into the that space and spray the nest? First you'd just be spraying the outer protective covering and very little would actually get inside the nest. What if things didn't go as planned and a bunch of them came after you? How fast can you cross an attic when you can't step between the beams? Can you out-run stinging insects in an attic? 

A small eave space is much worse.


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Common Fallacies.

Things you may have been told that just aren't true.

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