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European Hornets

European Hornets

  • They fly to lights at night if the light is within sight of the nest entryway.

  • They look somewhat like a Paper Nest Wasp, but are considerably larger.

  • Their nests are usually built protected inside of something, but not always.

  • Their nests are not the usual gray color. They use a slightly different material to make their nest so it is more of a tan color which is also more disguised. The material is usually scrapings off of bush branches, like Rhododendron. 

  • Which brings us to another thing; you may find many of them in your bushes and think there's a nest, but there isn't. They're just collecting nest material. That doesn't mean they won't be aggressive.

  • European Hornets actually did not originate from here. They are from Europe. But in any case they are here to stay. They certainly are aggressive and because of their size most people have reservations about doing anything to their nests.

  • When they fly near you it has a lower tone sound than your average Wasp, Hornet, or Fly.


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