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European Hornets Nest in Tree.

Warning: Never attempt this yourself - it is much more dangerous than it looks in these pictures. - See the Traps Page.

European Hornets have built a camouflaged nest 7-8 feet up in a cavity of this dead tree. These Hornets were flying to the side door light at the nearby house at night bothering the homeowners as they used their doorway. It's our job to professionally remove (not just spray) this nest and not endanger ourselves or the customer, and guarantee the success of the job.

The hazards associated with not removing this European Hornet Nest would be:

The Hornets do fly to lights at night and could be a hazard to the people entering & exiting the house.

The Hornets are sensitive to vibrations and unsuspecting children playing could bump into the dead tree and be swarmed.

These DO NOT produce Honey and Pollinate flowers, these are carnivores.


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