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Characteristics of Yellow Jackets

  • Nests are hidden inside something, like tree trunks, walls, ceilings.
  • Nests can become very large and populations can become enormous - up to tens of thousands.
  • We consider these most likely to sting and swarm sting.
  • In the Summer and early Fall we get many calls about Yellow Jackets eating their way through sheetrock ceilings and walls (see the pics below).  

If they're eating their way through the wall or ceiling in your house often the first thing you'll notice is a staining, or a chewing sound from that point. Next you'll find a small hole and they will start coming in the house. Call us as soon as you notice any noises or symptoms like this!!!

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Since we like to take the nest out instead of leaving it there, sometimes we need to enter confined areas, but always well protected.

Warning to Do-it-yourselfers: never attempt a daring Yellow Jacket Nest job like this yourself - see the Limited Space Trap on the Stinging Insects Traps page. Anyone attempting this without proper experience and without proper equipment is out of their mind.


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