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Fleas happen when a variety of factors are right. When Flea populations do spring up, it's usually sudden and no fun.



Flea Biology.


Fleas have 4 stages to their lifecycle -

Egg, Larvae, Pupae, Adult.


The adult Fleas bite animals to suck blood. 

They lay eggs.

Eggs hatch into a larvae.

Larvae are a tiny worm that crawl around for sometime until they go into a Cocoon stage called the Pupae. The Pupae is the hardest to kill since the adult Flea is inside a shell of sorts while it mutates.

The Pupae hatch out as small hungry adult Fleas. They can remain still for long periods until there is movement near them, then they jump onto the host as it passes by.

The time for this whole cycle shortens when the weather is right. If a large number of Flea eggs have been laid and suddenly the weather turns good for the Fleas, you can expect a large increase in Fleas very suddenly.

The most vulnerable stage is the adult Flea stage. Often people apply some insecticide and because they don't see any adult Fleas after their application they think they've eliminated the Fleas completely. Then Fleas appear again in large numbers suddenly.


All stages must be eliminated for a complete kill.



Home Remedies.


People try "Flea Bombs" and other home remedies often to fail and call us anyway. One of the problems with home remedies is that you may have no idea exactly what it is that you're using. The stuff you buy at the store is likely more toxic than what we use - that's right! 

Another problem is that you lack the experience to know that just "spraying some stuff" is not all there is to it.

Our work is guaranteed. What is the guarantee for the products you apply?

In all fairness though, we feel Home Remedies are not worthless, they're best used preventatively, not curatively. Our methods answer to a much higher standard.



What We Do;


Briefly we can tell you that we consider a whole array of factors for your situation and give you the best answer how to solve the Flea problem as quickly as possible with maximum safety to you, your kids and pets.


We'll come out to your house to survey the Flea population and conditions and then make the proper recommendations that apply to you best to de-Flea the house and the pets so you can be Flea-free throughout as soon as possible.


Contact us for the Inspection.


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