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Honeybee Removal from a roof soffit.

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Honeybee Entrance into soffit.

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Heavy Traffic in & out.

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Bees showing pollen baskets.

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Soffit opened up.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_019.jpg (398738 bytes)

Colony exposed.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_020.jpg (441491 bytes)

Danger. Precautions must be taken.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_015.jpg (584860 bytes)

Young Honeybee Colony.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_016.jpg (419840 bytes)

Wax being installed.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_022.jpg (331589 bytes)

Worker Honeybee.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_027.jpg (323869 bytes)

Stingers in the plastic gloves.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_032.jpg (357189 bytes)

Cells partly filled.

honeybees_remove_set3-061206_052.jpg (608446 bytes)

Honeycomb removed.

What you don't see above is the swarm of bees and the stinging frenzy.

Spraying some bug spray in a hole would never solve this.

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