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Natural / Organic Pesticides

2007: Just what you've been asking for!

Aacute Pest Control has begun using a line of completely natural and organic solutions that are as effective as previous pesticides. These are available to anyone that wants us to use them. However they are not yet available for termites or mice.

These products are made from chemicals that are Generally Regarded As Safe - G.R.A.S. These are compounds found on a list kept by the FDA known as the 25b GRAS list. GRAS means safe to you! The EPA has exempted these products from many pesticide laws as a result.

Most of these natural and organic chemicals we use are made from 100% plant based ingredients. That means nothing hidden in the inactive ingredients. In other words, safe insect and bug elimination.

Our take.

Compare the regular chemicals and the 25b GRAS chemicals like this:

Do you buy your food at the regular Supermarket or the Health Food Store?

Our regular chemicals would be kind of like the Supermarket , and the 25b GRAS chemicals would be like the Health Food Store.

Do you shop at the regular Supermarket or do you shop at the health food? You make the choice.

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