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Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

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Western Conifer Seed Bug

These bugs were introduced in the New England area in the mid-1980's. Some people describe this bug as prehistoric looking.

They look for a place to over-winter that is warm as possible and sheltered and then end up entering houses and buildings. Ladybugs do the very same thing. If you live near woods or farmland you may get both in large numbers inside over-wintering. As Spring comes they are seen inside more often because the heat inside makes them think it's time to go back out. They make a wrong turn somewhere in the wall and come in. If you get a lot of these inside then you may have many other bugs entering also. It may be worth an inspection.

Some people call these Stinkbugs or Stink Bugs but these Western Conifer Seed Bugs are not Stink Bugs. Western Conifer Seed Bugs also look a lot like Leaffooted Bugs. Probably people mis-identify these bugs because the Stink Bug is indigenous & looks similar and the Western Conifer Seed Bug is not indigenous to New England. But they are here to stay.

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