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Bats are good... 

  • Bats eat mosquitoes in large numbers during the warmth of the Summer.

  • Therefore Bats are mostly active during the warmth and at night, not day and not in Winter.

  • They do not go out of their way to attack you.

  • There are many "stories" about Bats attempting to nest in the hair of someone sleeping, or bite you in bed. If one gets inside your living areas it wants out as bad as you want it out.


but ... You should not ignore Bats entering your house because:

  • Their droppings are excrement inside your house and it will continue to add up over time.

  • The droppings can grow a toxic fungus that threatens your health.

  • You can not chase Bats out.

  • Bats will not accept poison since they only eat bugs in flight that they pick up on their "sonar". *Note: It is illegal to poison them anyway.


You should have an Inspection done to determine the best methods for your situation. Since every situation is different you'll need specifics for your construction.


We don't need to kill them to remove them.

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