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Various Ant Pictures

Click here for Carpenter Ants.

These are pictures of ants. Compare your ants to these ant photos below. Click on the photo to see the large high quality ant pictures.

ants carrying away food

Pavement Ants. This is why some people call them "Picnic Ants". These ants like our food. Pavement Ants are extremely common and are likely to be a pest in your home. They may not do any damage but can infest inside the walls.

small ants

Picture of

Acrobat Ants? or Pavement Ants, not sure which.    : ^ ]


Ants with Larva / Pupa

Picture of

Ants with Larva / Pupa

Ants with Larva and Pupa

Ants with Larva / Pupa

Pharaoh Ant

Picture of

Pharaoh's Ant on lined paper. Note: the lines are 1/4" or 7mm apart - that's a tiny ant.


small ants on a plant

Picture of

Ants find food on plants.


Ants live in colonies an therefore if you are seeing these ants in your home you may need an Inspection to see if the problem is worse than you think.

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