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We recommend that you have an Inspection for ants if any of the following may apply to you;

  • Regardless of numbers, you see ants inside the house on a consistent basis, especially if the ants have wings.
  • You see "sawdust" anywhere in the house and it's not from a saw.
  • You see trailing of ants like the ants may be migrating. This applies inside or outside.
  • You find dead ants in the house regularly.
  • In cellars or crawlspaces you might notice spider webs have caught mostly ants.
  • You think there is water damaged or rotted wood.

See close-up pictures of Carpenter Ants.

See close-up pictures of other kinds of ants.


If you think you may have ants then have it inspected. Wouldn't it be nice to be sure?

Read the other reasons to have an inspection on the Inspection page.




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