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  • Let us identify the pest (s).

Why guess, be sure. One of our experienced people will tell you for sure what pest it is and to what extent.

  • All of our Inspectors have over 15 years experience - no salespeople, just real exterminators.

  • Get specific information.

Any encyclopedia (online or offline) can give you general information. We'll be able to tell you how the pest can affect your situation, i.e. damage, hazards to people, etc.. This information will be specific to you and your dwelling.

  • Expert Solutions.

After examining the situation we'll tell you what your options are. We'll help you pick the best option for your needs, then you decide.

  • For non-Real Estate transactions it's FREE. (It's even free for some of those.)

  • Compare.

Were you thinking about using someone else? Let us show you why choosing Aacute Pest Control is a great idea.


Contact us to schedule your inspection.

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