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Is it Ants or Termites?

The table below clearly shows the difference between ants and termites. There is a lot of confusion for most people about this.

Compare your bug to below;


  • a constricted "waist"

  • "elbowed" antenna

  • "3 body parts": head, thorax & abdomen.

  • Swarmers may vary in size.

  • A set of smaller wings and a set of bigger wings.

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  • No "constricted" waist

  • No "elbowed" antenna

  • "2 body parts", not 3 as in ants.

  • Swarms often leave many wings behind.

  • 4 identical wings.

  • Every swarmer looks exactly identical.

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You can also look at the many pictures we have here (ants) and here (termites) to help identify which you have.

The best thing you can do is have us ID the pest for you.

Others you may see that are Termites too:

Reproductives, Workers, & Soldiers - all are Termites.


If you are trying to figure out which is which, then you need an inspection. Both are not good to inside any structure. Aacute Pest Control will do a FREE Inspection. Please call us to schedule the inspection or take a look at the Inspection Pictures Tour.

Aacute Pest Control will do a free inspection to identify termites or ants. Is it flying termites or flying ants? or Is it Ants or Termites? Termites or Ants? Which is it? Identify ants or termites.


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